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Industrial Scientific Corporation

by Marcus
Industrial Scientific Corporation

Industrial Scientific Corporation is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing gas monitoring instruments, systems and related products to protect and preserve human life.

Headquartered in an advanced ISO 9001:2000-certified facility near the Pittsburgh International Airport, Industrial Scientific provides equipment that is used for safety and industrial hygiene in potentially dangerous locations. Principal markets for the Company’s products include oil refineries, oil exploration and drilling operations including offshore rigs, underground mining and tunneling, utilities including telephone, electric, natural gas, water and wastewater treatment facilities, municipal agencies such as police, fire and hazardous response units, government regulatory agencies such as EPA, OSHA, and MSHA, insurance companies, and food and beverage-processing companies.

Whether you need gas monitors for remote sampling, confined spaces, area monitoring, or personal protection,
Industrial Scientific Corporation have a range of durable equipment backed by our Guaranteed for Life warranty to meet your detection needs. Keep your workers safe for longer with extended runtime power supplies and DualSense Technology.

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