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by Marcus
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Head Office:  Auf der Gröb 5, D – 83064 Raubling, Germany

IDE Compressors have an international reputation as a successful, innovative family company for breathing air compressors. IDE success is based on our specific expertise in the application of forward-looking technologies.

Day in and day out brave women and men around the world do duty in fire brigades, often putting their own lives and health at risk. Therefore their working conditions, one of the most important being pure, uncontaminated breathing-air, must be as good and as safe as possible.

IDE Compressors alone can provide them with the best and purest breathing-air, for only these reliable, powerful and energy efficient compressors come with AIRSAVE Premium, an integrated air-quality monitoring system with sensors for CO, CO2, O2, humidity, and temperature.

IDE Compressors goes for Manufacture are a decisive modern company which is happy to face up to new challenges and to change. Its aim is to develop our company further by means of specific product differentiation in related areas to ensure the company’s long-term future.

As a team with our employees we are internationally successful throughout Europe. We proudly refer to their performance, their know-how and their loyalty. We promote performance and creativity, demand personal responsibility and individual initiative and create an open basis for communication.

Superior quality and constant refinement of our products are responsible for our international position, thanks to the rapid implementation of innovative ideas using state-of-the-art technologies. We regard a constant determination to ensure process safety, zero faults and reliability at all levels of the company as an integral part of our work.

IDE Compressors goes for Manufacture

IDE met the strict criteria of the Deutsche Manufakturen e.V. (German Association of Manufactures) and was admitted as a member.

Manufacture, in the actual sense of the word, means handmade (Latin: manus – hand, factum – made). In German this is still alive: in a Manufacture products are made mostly by hand to the greatest extent possible, the term stands for highest quality and durability, intense R&D potential and is the sheer opposite to mass production.

Manufactures make products for people and organisations who, in return for their investment, wish to get something special, highest quality and state-of-the-art technology. Manufactures have their individual identity, products are unmistakable and to the minute detail carry the trademark of highly qualified, handpicked craftsmen and engineers.

IDE Compressors have launched a brand new TSI Anniversary Airsave Ultimate System breathing air compressor.

Die Manufaktur für

Kompressoren & Atemluftkompressoren

Für Mitteldruck- und Hochdruck- Verdichtung von Luft und Gas

Höchste Qualität und ständige Weiterentwicklung unserer Produkte durch Umsetzen innovativer Ideen unter Einsatz moderner Technologien verhelfen uns zu europaweitem Ansehen. Ständiges Streben nach Prozessicherheit, Fehlerfreiheit und Zuverlässigkeit auf allen Unternehmensebenen sehen wir als Bestandteil unseres Unternehmens an.

Dafür stehen wir als IDE Compressors Manufaktur.

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IDE Compressors logo

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