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ICON Safety Co. Inc

by Marcus

ICON Safety Co., Inc. offers safety solutions through products and industry knowledge to help companies achieve their occupational safety and health program objectives while saving them time and money.
We strive to be an authority on safety products, building a comprehensive product line, offering a compelling, focused assortment of industrial safety products and accessories, as well as safety related products geared to the environmental, health & safety industry.
ICON offers industrial hygiene and safety instrumentation and a complete line of safety supplies at competitive prices.
ICON Safety is an authorized distributor for Advanced Calibration Design, Allegro Industries, Benchmark FR Clothing, Biosystems, Blackline GPS, BW Technologies, Capital Safety, DBI / Sala, Drager, GasClip Technologies, GfG Instruments, Honeywell Anaylitics, ION Science, Lumidor Safety, MST – Modern Safety Techniques, Pelican Products, PortaGas, RAE Systems, SAS Safety, & Ultra-Tech International
Protecting all that you value.

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