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by Marcus

The INTERNATIONAL AVIATION FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (IAFPA) was formed in 2000 by a group of airport / municipal fire service professionals and industry specialists as a professional and fraternal association of international airport, municipal, and military fire and emergency services professionals to promote the information exchange, study, and improvement of aircraft rescue fire fighting and airport facility fire protection.
The IAFPA believes that through closer personal interaction of worldwide airport, municipal and industry specialists we can foster and enhance all aspects of training and operational procedures dealing with aircraft rescue and airport fire protection. Through the IAFPA we will offer our support and technical expertise to each other and international aviation regulatory agencies.
The IAFPA will work closely and cooperatively with other international aviation fire / aviation passenger safety organizations as a resource for their mission(s), and to offer our technical expertise, support, and assistance to promote improvements in matters that affect aircraft fire / passenger safety.
The IAFPA is not an organization to represent its members in collective bargaining or matters relating to salaries, working conditions, or disciplinary matters. Through membership in the IAFPA, no member is bound by any course of action.
Membership is open to all members of airport, municipal, military,industrial fire and emergency services and aviation safety personnel. Through our international membership, the IAFPA’s goal is to foster a climate a fraternal friendship, professional respect and mutual cooperation, and to enhance our knowledge of each others professional roles and during an aircraft accident or airport fire /emergency.

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