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I trained like a firefighter for 1 Day

by Greg Preston
I trained like a firefighter for 1 Day

In this episode of the “Shocker Of The Week” I challenged myself to train like a firefighter for one day. I had the chance to talk and work with Manny who’s one of the brave firefighters in Anaheim California. We talked about the mental toughness that’s required to physically endure the daily challenges that come upon you as a firefighter.

I for myself experienced the stress / pressure multiple times throughout the workout even though there was no imminent danger. At this point I want to thank my brother @da_rulk who guided me through the workout routines and pushed me to my limits from beginning to end. There’s not much more to say but enjoy the video!!

Firefighters don’t work out to look good in shorts, they don’t train to win medals or fame. They work out to survive and save lives on a daily basis.

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