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HV Series Low Expansion Branchpipe

by Marcus
HV Series Low Expansion Branchpipe

HV Series Low Expansion Branchpipe Supplied by Delta Fire

The Delta Fire HV Series Low Expansion Branchpipe is designed for the Foams of the new millennium such as Flouroproteins, All Purpose Alcohol Resistant, FFFP and AFFF Foams.

The HV Series Low Expansion Branchpipe is designed to firstly expand the foam and then accelerate it to high velocity producing long throws beyond the capability of other older designs.

There are two primary models available, Standard or Self Inducing in three flow rate options:

HV225: 200/225 litres/minute
HV450: 400/450 litres/minute (with fitted carrying handles)
HV900: 800/900 litres/minute (with fitted carrying handles)

Within the range there is a 316 Stainless Steel model with gunmetal nozzle designed for extreme Marine Use.

Any of the HV foam equipment nozzles from the Delta Fire portable foam equipment range can be purchased as a ‘standard’ models or as ‘self-inducing’ models complete with quick release pick-up tube and stainless steel drum piercer either with or without an on/off ball valve.

The HV Series of foam branchpipes are available in either light alloy finished in epoxy polyester International Orange with a light alloy nozzle or in 316 stainless steel with an LG2 gunmetal nozzle to meet the needs of the marine industry. Carrying handles are fitted as standard to the HV450 and HV 900 models.

The Delta HV series is Lloyds registered, M.C.A. Approved for Marine use and comply with the requirements of Solas 1974 (as amended).

For Unsurpassed Durability and Performance the Delta HV Series is the choice of professionals.

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HV Series Low Expansion Branchpipe supplied by Delta Fire

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