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Hoverstar Flight Technology

by Marcus
Hoverstar Flight Technology

Head Office:  5F ,block B,Aerospace Micro-motor Building, No. 25 North 2nd Road of Science and technology, Nanshan district, Shenzhen, 518055, China

Incorporated in Shenzhen, the so-called Chinese silicon valley of China in April 2016, the Hoverstar Flight Technology Inc is specialized in the design and manufacturing of water sports products, rescue equipment and accessories.

In merely over three years Hoverstar expanded into a leading innovative brand in the water sports industry for customers who aspire for using the coolest yet practical underwater scooters, efoils and all the gears needed for enjoying a happy time out on the water.


As the brand slogan goes, Hover technology, star ingenuity. We aims to thrill the industry with creativeness at all times while providing our customers with high user value. Hoverstar always regards innovation as the first principle for product development.


The founding team of Hoverstar are a group of experienced professionals either with MBA degrees or years of experiences in high-level management. The R&D team are hired mostly from top-level universities or institutes of technology of China, some with background in aeronautics and astrounautics, providing the company with a steady, strong source of talent to ensure the innovation of the brand of Hoverstar.


From the beginning of this brand Hoverstar has secured full intellectual property through the first product to the lastest electric kickboard of Sharki, in less than three years Hoverstar has secured over 32 patents. The factory working with us has a workforce over 1,500 and has a complete quality management and control system.

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