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Hoseline Fire Trainers

by Marcus

HAAGEN Fire Training Props are stand-alone gas-based units that can be positioned virtually anywhere around the training site. Fire Training Props can be transported to multiple locations or built into a fixed installation at your training location.

HAAGEN’s full line of portable and fixed props can be used in conjunction with another HAAGEN training structure, or can be operated independently to expand your training capabilities.


Aircraft Wing Fire Training Props

This custom prop features a simulated aircraft engine, landing gear, wing and fuel spill, and provides eight fire scenarios along with realistic smoke and emergency sound effects.

Helicopter Fire Training Prop

This portable live fire system features moveable main rotors as well as functional cockpit and cabin doors. Modular pilot and burner systems can be used to create cockpit and cabin fire scenarios while integrated burners create weapon and engine fires that challenge firefighters with high heat and intense flames.

Car Fire Training Prop

Multiple burn zones allow you to create engine, passenger compartment, fuel spill and tire fires. The intensity of the flames can be changed throughout the evolution and fires can be set to spread to multiple zones with the instructor’s controller.

Pressure Vessel Fire Training Prop

Create multiple scenarios that challenge firefighters to use the correct strategies when responding to these hazardous situations.

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