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Hooligan Tool

by Marcus

The Hooligan Tool is one of the world’s most popular forcible entry tools. Head and claw forged from high alloy steel, heat treated for maximum strength then fitted to a 25 mm stress-proof bar.

The Hooligan Tool has a machine grooved non-slip grip. Claw opening is parallel and fits over locks, hasps and many door bars. It can also be used as a puller and a gas shut-off during emergencies.

The new ‘Highway’ Hooligan features a new machine sharpened metal cutting claw that uses the can opener principle to cut heavy gauge metal and composites.

Paratech also offer a single forged Hooligan, a top choice by many users.

Personal Entry Tools

Paratech offer 3 different types of forcible entry tools, the Pry-Axe (also Top Cut Fire Axe), Buster, and Biel Tools. All three have extendable claws to offer the powerful ‘Slam & Ram’ capability for quick and decisive entry in tight quarters. These claws can be removed and inserted into keyways in the axe heads for twisting leverage.

Pry-Axe – The best selling tool in the Paratech range, the Pry-Axe is used by fire services and police forces world-wide. The Pry-Axe is lightweight, multi-purpose and designed to pry, enlarge openings, cut sheet metal and twist off locks and latches – small enough to carry but rugged enough for most jobs.

For more than 40 years Paratech has set the standard for high quality heavy duty forcible entry tools. These tools are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist and cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency services personnel and the life they are saving.

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