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by Marcus

Holugt Sauer has his speciality in Holugt breathing air compressors from 85 l/min. until 600 l/min. and high pressure Sauer compressors up to pressures of 350 bar.
Since 1979 we are the agent of J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinebau GmbH for the Netherlands and Belgium. We deliver at Navy, Marine, Industry, Fire Fighting, Shipyards, Electricity companies, Divers and Paintballcompanies.
Setting up a breathing air workingshop requires a lot of attention. Breathing air is vital in many incidents where the fire fighters are deployed. Holugt Sauer can design a  complete breathing workshops for fire fighters where maintenance and work of the breathing equipment can be realised.
On the basis of the needs and requirements of the user, we design a 3D drawings and make an offer specified with a complete list of equipment, installation information and a progress schedule.
The equipment in a breahting workshop, delivery and installation that we offer includes:
–    Breathing air compressors and filler panels / filling stations
–    Washers
–    Drying Cabinets
–    Drying and cleaning systems
–    Rinse and work Benches
–    Test benches
After completion and inspection of the installation the modern and ergonomic breathing workshop is available for use with natural trusted Holugt quality and warranty.

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