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Holmatro Quattro pumps added to Spider Range

by Marcus

With the introduction of new Holmatro Quattro pumps adds more options to its Spider Range. Thanks to their large oil content these pumps can operate any four rescue tools at the same time and multiple tools successively, including the biggest rams. Rescuers can choose between three different models: petrol-powered, electrically-powered or petrol-powered with electric start.

Next to a large hydraulic oil content the Quattro pumps offer various user-friendly features like soft-grip carrying handles, an integrated dip stick for quick and easy monitoring of the oil level and optional LED lighting which facilitates (un)coupling of hoses in the dark. They are standard equipped with CORE Technology.

About the Spider Range

Holmatro Spider Range pumps incorporate 3-stage pump technology for faster tool operation in the most commonly used working pressure range. This is achieved by a higher flow in the pumps’ second stage, which makes your rescue operations much quicker. The range consists of 4 main models with a variety of features and options to meet your personal requirements. These include (but are not limited to) hose reels, a Quick Fix & Release Bracket for easy access to the pump in your rescue vehicle and ECO whisper mode to reduce noise and fuel consumption. All pumps are equipped with a robust frame for protection against hard knocks and falls.

About CORE Technology

Traditional twinline or dual hose systems work with two separate hoses: a high-pressure hose to supply hydraulic oil to your rescue tool and a low-pressure hose for the oil return to the pump. Holmatro’s CORE system only has one hose, which is actually a high-pressure hose inside and protected by a low-pressure hose. Being para-aramid fiber reinforced, a CORE hose is lighter than traditional steel reinforced hoses and also does not have the risk of kinking or pinholes. It comes with an easy to clean flat-faced coupler at both ends which locks automatically in just one push. Holmatro introduced this technology back in 2005 and since then it has become the new standard for rescue equipment in many parts of the world.

For more information please visit the Holmaltro page www.holmatro.com/en/

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