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Holmatro launches new 5000 series spreaders

by Marcus

Lighter than ever and no concessions on performance – Holmatro launches new 5000 series spreaders. The most important factor in the development of this series was weight reduction, without compromising spreading force and spreading distance. This has been achieved through a combination of new materials, component integration and innovative design. The result? Five new spreaders with an outstanding performance-to-weight ratio, that significantly reduce the physical burden on the operator. Two models are also available with Greenline battery technology for increased freedom of movement.

Even more lightweight: SP 5240 CL

Within this new series, one model attracts most attention: the SP 5240 CL spreader. The letters CL stand for ‘Compact Lightweight’. Weighing in at just 9.9 kg / 21.8 lb, this spreader is even more lightweight than the other, already very light, models in the new 5000 series. At the same time it offers every spreading capability you need for the extrication of a trapped victim. Like all other models, the SP 5240 CL has been tested extensively on the latest car prototypes.

Other features & benefits

Some more features & benefits of the new 5000 series spreaders are:

– Effective spreading tip profile for perfect grip
– New ergonomic carrying handle design increasing operator comfort in various working positions
– Upgraded LED lighting in carrying handle: six lights with higher light output. Never stand in your own shadow again.
– Built-in Speed Valve for quicker opening of the arms to speed up spreader positioning
– Patented CORE Technology combining oil feed and return in one hose to make rescue operations safer, quicker and easier
– On battery powered models: Greenline battery technology combining a long battery life with high capacity for maximum operational use. Advantages: self-contained for optimum freedom of movement, no emissions, low noise levels and suitable for use in all weather conditions.

For more information visit www.holmatro.com/en/spreaders

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