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Holmatro Launches Cordless Mini Cutter

by Marcus
Holmatro Launches Cordless Mini Cutter

Holmatro Launches Cordless Mini Cutter CCU 10

Minimal Space, Maximum Performance

Holmatro introduces the first battery-powered mini cutter in the rescue market. This compact, lightweight tool is easy to use in confined spaces and requires minimal space in your rescue vehicle. Its innovative design gives you maximum freedom of movement and offers optimum cutting performance. The Holmatro cordless mini cutter makes any rescue set complete.

Cordless Design

Easy to pick up, carry and store: the battery-powered mini cutter is immediately ready for action. No more pumps and hoses are needed, which saves time and also a lot of weight and space on your truck. You can make up to 70 cuts with a single battery, thanks to the efficient drive technology. The battery and charger are part of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) and compatible with other professional power tools.

Holmatro Launches Cordless Mini Cutter

Superior Cutting Performance

The versatile mini cutter can be used for cutting vehicle parts like car pedals, steering wheels and head rests. But the powerful tool easily cuts through rebar (USAR), fences, steel bars and chains as well. Holmatro’s unique inclined cutting concept has also been applied to the new mini cutter: its blades have been placed at an angle, which gives you more freedom in positioning the tool. The grip teeth on both blades offer extra bite when cutting.

Optimum Tool Control

The tool is comfortable to hold and work with and can be positioned with one hand. It has been equipped with variable speed control: lightly push the button for low speed and simply push it further down to increase the speed. When you release the button the motor stops – which saves valuable battery time. The integrated LED light also automatically switches on and off with the tool.

Holmatro Launches Cordless Mini Cutter

First responders from any rescue team can act swiftly with this cordless CCU10 mini cutter – whether their other tools are also powered by battery or by a separate hose and pump.

Find more information at https://www.holmatro.com/mini-cutter

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