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Holmatro introduces New range of Single and Double Plunger Rams

by Greg Preston
New range of Single and Double Plunger Rams

The 5000 Series 15 Tons Rams have a high spreading force of 15 t / 33721 lbf compared to the tool weight and designed to bridge larger gaps: Holmatro introduces a new range of single and double plunger rams. Models RA 5322 and RA 5332 have a plunger at both sides of the tool, which significantly increases the spreading stroke without loss of force. The single plunger rams, RA 5321 and RA 5331, can be combined with optional extension pipes in three different sizes. Add to this various user-friendly features and it’s fair to say that another innovative Holmatro product has seen the light.

  • An Ergonomic Carrying Handle makes the rams easy to carry and handle
  • Integrated LED Lights – always a clear view of your working area
  • Rotating cross heads with Precision Cast Profile for easy positioning and improved grip
  • Protective strips on plunger housing to prevent the tool from getting damaged when putting it on the ground
  • Built-in speed valvue for quicker extension of the plunger(s) when there’s no load on the tool.

The 5000 series 10 Tons Rams are part of the New range of Single and Double Plunger Rams and are lighter than ever, without compromising on performance. Holmatro introduces three new rams: RA 5311 CL, RA 5313 CL and RA 5315 CL. These compact & lightweight models are ideal for use in remote areas requiring transportation by air or on foot, and in all applications where space is limited.

  • Decreased Weight – lighter than ever, thanks to new materials, component integration and smart design. Very easy to carry and handle, reducing physical strain.
  • Built-in Speed Valve – When unloaded, the plunger extends quickly to the desired distance to speed up positioning of your ram.
  • Rotating cross heads with improved profile for easy positioning and perfect grip in any situation.
  • New control handle for improved ergonomic design offering better grip for optimal tool control.

For more information visit www.holmatro.com/en

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