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Holmatro Introduces a New Compact Lightweight Combi Tool

by Greg Preston
Holmatro Introduces a New Compact Lightweight Combi Tool

Holmatro introduces a new compact lightweight combi tool offering a large spreading distance and high spreading force in relation to its size and weight.

Optimal Performance-to-Weight Ratio

Besides spreading it can also be used to cut or crush materials. This latest model, 5114, is available in different versions: hand-operated, battery-powered and equipped with CORE technology (to be connected to an external pump). Ready-for-use weights vary from 8.4 kg to 14.1 kg at a spreading distance of 362 mm and a minimum spreading force of 33 kN (according to EN 13204).

Carrying Handle Choice

All models are available with Holmatro’s new ergonomic carrying handle, enabling you to easily hold the tool in various positions. This handle has 6 high-ouput LED lights, so you can start working right away, day or night, without being hindered by your own shadow. The hand-operated and CORE versions are also available with a 360-degree rotatable and flat foldable carrying handle. This facilitates use of the tool at many different angles and saves space during transportation and storage.

Position in the Range

The new 5114 model is the second smallest and lightest combi tool in the Holmatro range, offering 81 mm more spreading distance than the existing 5111 model.

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