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Holmatro Extends Pentheon Series With Twelve New Rescue Tools

by Marcus
Holmatro Extends Pentheon Series With Twelve New Rescue Tools

Holmatro Extends Pentheon Series With Twelve New Rescue Tools

Following the launch of the Pentheon Series in May 2020, Holmatro now introduces twelve additional cordless rescue tools to complete the range. Like the first four tools in this series, the new models offer unparalleled speed, ultimate control and extremely easy battery management. The Pentheon Series is designed to outperform all other rescue tools on the market, regardless of whether these are battery-powered or connected to an external pump by means of a hose.

Holmatro Extends Pentheon Series With Twelve New Rescue Tools

The Complete Pentheon Series

In addition to Cutter PCU50, Spreader PSP40, Combi Tool PCT50 and Telescopic Ram PTR50 the Pentheon Series now includes the following new rescue tool models:



Combi Tools

Telescopic Ram

Single Plunger Rams

Whether you are looking for compact and lightweight models for rapid interventions or larger models for heavy-duty applications, the extended Pentheon Series can meet any rescue tool requirement.

Holmatro Extends Pentheon Series With Twelve New Rescue Tools

Pentheon Features & Benefits

The twelve newly added tools have the same features & benefits as the four existing models. Some important ones are:

  • Stepless Speed Maximization. Patented technology maximizing speed at any tool load. Where other battery tools show a significant drop in speed when switching to another stage to deal with the higher loads, Pentheon tools stick to the ideal speed curve.
  • Two-Mode Control Handle for ultimate tool control. This enables you, at any time during the rescue operation, to choose between the tools’ high-speed and low-speed modes. Simply turn the control handle further to its left or right to switch between both modes.
  • On-Tool Charging: Battery management made easy. Leave the battery to charge on the tool. Simply plug the tool into the charger and the whole charging process will regulate itself. The battery on the tool always has priority over the one on the charger. The maximum configuration that can be powered from one outlet consists of three tools, three chargers and six batteries.
  • Extended working time. This is thanks to a purpose-built battery with increased capacity, an energy efficient drive system and an Auto Start/Stop system. In addition, Temperature Management Technology allows you to keep working with Pentheon tools in extremely hot conditions.
  • Under water use. Pentheon tools can be used while being fully submerged in water. Batteries can be swapped under water too.
  • Smart Ram Extension. When using one of the optional extension pipes (440mm/17.3in and 220mm/8.7in) the ram automatically adapts its force to the new maximum length that can be achieved. Quick and simple connection of the extension pipes over the ram head.
  • Realtime diagnostics. LED indicators on the tools, batteries and chargers provide real-time feedback on tool temperature, max. pressure reached, battery temperature, battery state of charge and battery state of health. Immediately visible, no need to press a button first. More information can be obtained with the help of free Holmatro Diagnostics Software.
  • Compact and inline tool design. This is achieved through a patented integrated motor & pump sharing the same shaft and a battery that fits around the tool like a bracelet.

For more information on Holmatro Extends Pentheon Series With Twelve New Rescue Tools, please go to holmatro.com/pentheon.

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