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by Marcus

High Temperature Linings (HTL) a division of E.H. Glover Inc. is the leading manufacturer and installer of the most advanced fire training structural protection systems (burn room liner) for live fire training buildings and towers – System 203.
Our System 203 and 203 Lite products are the best available thermal tile lining system on the market. Specifically designed for fire department and fire training academies to protect their fire training structures. System 203 is manufactured in our USA warehouse and each tile must meet our high standards of quality. System 203 is a proven quality product that is reliable, durable, cost effective and nearly maintenance free. System 203 provides complete structural protection from intense realistic training environments that include fire, steam, thermal shock and mechanical abuse.
High Temperature Linings can provide assistance and information regarding structural surveys of existing structures to assess structural integrity. Once a structure’s condition is determined, informed decisions can be made regarding funding for repairs and/or renovations.
Our lining, System 203, protects walls and ceilings from thermal shock, water damage, extreme temperatures and damage from fire training equipment (extreme conditions associated with live fire training).
High Temperature Linings is committed to providing the safest, most reliable and durable live fire training environment possible. Please refer to our list of references to appreciate the breadth of our experience. We are committed to building on our experience and the experiences of our customers to offer the best materials and services available to the fire training community. We hope you will join us in this effort.

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