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High Rise Training Building for Hampshire Fire Service

by Greg Preston
High Rise Training Building for Hampshire Fire Service

Crofton Engineering, the specialist fabricator and installer of fire training buildings has designed and built a new High Rise Training Building for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, UK.

The new training facility in Basingstoke is due to open in February 2018. The new training building was commissioned as part of the project to rebuild Basingstoke Fire Station which was recently completed. The whole project is designed to provide a training complex that is fit for purpose for the next 50 years.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service wanted to extend and upgrade its existing breathing apparatus (BA) training chamber to include repositioning of a new tower connected to the chamber.

The new building has been designed to fulfil a wide range of training requirements including ladder training and positioning, working at height training and training for rescues from height. It also allows scenario based training in combination with the adjacent BA chamber as well as Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP) training and siting. It has been designed for high rise building fires and dry riser based training and will serve for any other type of fire service based training too. Crofton designed and prefabricated the modular building at its Linton, Cambridge headquarters before shipping to Basingstoke for fast-track on-site construction.

Each of the building’s six storeys was manufactured in two halves. The building features a dry riser, a wide variety of window openings, a central stairwell, landings and half-landings, and a lift shaft. The High Rise Training Building was also been designed with link-bridges to the existing BA training chamber.

High Rise Training Building for Hampshire

Image: Each storey of the High Rise Training Building for Hampshire Fire Service was prefabricated in two sections

To fulfil Hampshire’s requirements, the service wanted a tower with different sized openings to add options when pitching ladders. It also wanted a shaft throughout the tower to practice rescues from height. For rescue from height scenarios, the building also includes platforms built into the outside of the tower and a balcony. A dry riser is included part way up the tower on the levels where it connects to the BA chamber to enable hose management training and high rise fire training.

The tower will also include lighting and floodlights as well as internal stair and raking ladders to each level. The service plans to mount aerials on the roof of the building for its turnout systems. As part of this whole training complex, the Hampshire FRS will also have a Road Traffic Collision (RTC) ‘pad’ to enable realistic training for vehicular rescues. The tower, BA complex and RTC area will be used by the station based personnel, as well as the wider North Hampshire stations and firefighters as training facility to enable competency based training and assessments.

High Rise Training Building for Hampshire

Image: 6-Storey High Rise Training Building for Hampshire Fire Service nearing completion

“The Basingstoke High Rise Training Building is one of the largest and most complex we have ever constructed and gives Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service the ability to train for practically every conceivable building fire scenario,” said Glen Godfrey Director of Crofton Engineering. “We have seen strong interest in high rise training facilities after the Grenfell Tower fire in London
earlier this year, although this project was commissioned some time before then.”

Ras Laffan Training Tower As Gulf Fire was going to press Crofton Engineering was also installing a new FT96 four-storey fire training tower for the Insha Company at Fire Station 6 of Qatar Petroleum’s gas processing plant at Ras Laffan Industrial City. The new tower will serve a wide range of fire training requirements including safe working at height, ladder training and rope rescue.

For more information on the High Rise Training Building for Hampshire Fire Service built by Crofton Engineering visit www.crofton-eng.co.uk/

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