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by Marcus

Wilhelm Vorndamme was a master tailor and fire fighter. It always bothered him that he was never able to get close enough to the fire without singeing his nose and ears.
That, rather coincidentally, was the foundation of what is today the Heinrich Vorndamme oHG.
Unfortunately the fire department was not particularly interested in Wilhelm Vorndamme’s invention. The brown coal mining industry, however, was very interested in this development. Massive dust explosions resulting in fatal burns were an almost daily occurrence in the briquette factories of those days. Today our company is still an important supplier of the coal mining industry; there is hardly a mine that does not rely on Vorndamme Protective Clothing.
In the field of flame, heat and chemical protection the Heinrich Vorndamme technicians succeeded in developments which are the basis of our today's reputation.
A multitude of products for the industry have since been added. In general, we like to think of ourselves as manufacturers of
Technical Emergency Equipment
Our product groups are:
– Heat protection
– Heat protection by body cooling
– Flame and heat protection
– Chemical protection
– Preventive fire protection

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