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Haz-Mat Tanker Trainer

by Marcus
Haz-Mat Tanker Trainer

Haz-Mat Tanker Trainer Supplied by Crofton Engineering

The Haz-Mat Tanker Trainer provides from Crofton Engineering necessary skills training in the mitigation of hazardous liquid spill incidents. Equipped with leaking flange and flammable fuel spill, the trainer can erupt into a flammable liquid and gas fire simulation, challenging fire personnel in fire control while providing for material containment.

The Haz-Mat Tanker Trainer has a transportable 40′ DOT Compliant tanker, utilizing the Falcon EX series burner and ignition systems, this unit is designed to accommodate training in a manner which will provide for safety first, while allowing for realistic training scenarios.

40′ Haz-Mat Tanker Trainer Features:

Flammable liquid spill fire
Relief valve fire
Flange fire
Hazardous material leak (four locations)
Tank ruptures training locations
Confined space entry
Rear access ladder to top of tank
Tank cooling system
Multi station operator control unit
NFPA compliant fuel delivery system
Fail safe safety gas valves
Automatic and manual shutdowns
Safety pilot and flame detection and monitoring
All required electrical and LPG line equipment

Rollover Tanker Features:

Chlorine dome
Fuel dome
Flammable liquid rupture kit
Pressure vessel rupture kit
Grounding and bonding
Hot & cold tapping
24′ transport trailer
Power winch
Equipment storage

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Haz-Mat Tanker Trainer supplied by Crofton Engineering

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