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Havospark UK

Head Office: Havospark UK, Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA, UK

Havospark UK are the Expert Global Distributor, Dealer Acquisition and Sales for the Havospark Brand. Our Core Product is the Hover Ark H3 R, a GPS guided remote-controlled Robotic Buoy – This is a revolutionary water rescue lifesaving device with GPS, auto-return, and a long-range with a heavy payload. The H3 is a breakthrough award-winning robotic lifebuoy that enables professionals and first responders around the world to save lives in the water. Rapidly, reliably, and in every condition. Professionals and first responders around the world to save lives in the water. Rapidly, reliably, and in every condition. With over 30 + patents and several awards, it is proudly showcased in many companies globally.

Our mission is to appoint and grow distributors in conjunction with our Head office in all territories around the globe.

We are actively seeking distributors in the USA, Europe, Oceania, South America, Canada, Africa, and Asia to join our existing Distributors.

We are also actively seeking inquiries from the Oil & Gas sector as this device is brilliant for use offshore. Cruise liners, Coastguards, Fire Departments, and ant sector that has an application for a water rescue device including Government Departments and Military. The Hover Ark H3-R has been designed to save lives!

This device is being up by oil and gas, fire and rescue departments, coastguards, lifeguards, and many more sectors where it is proving effective in safely rescuing a drowning victim speedily and safely with GPS, auto-return, and other fantastic technologies. The H3-R model is available to purchase for single boat owners, but we welcome inquiries from Government and Big industry and are seeking worldwide distributors for this revolutionary lifesaver.

Havospark UK

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