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by Marcus

Harcor Bag Supplies is Harcor’s dedicated bag website that showcases a variety of our bag range and includes Conference Bags, Backpacks, PVC Bags, Laptop Bags, Trolley Bags, Slipcases, Woven Polypro Bags, etc.
As a bag manufacturer we offer most of our bags in a number of colours and sizes to meet your exact requirements. We are also able to add your logo plus other images or text to the bag design. Please contact us to discuss your special requirements. Harcor® is a registered trade mark.
For more than four decades Harcor has supplied tailored solutions and innovative products to a diverse range of leading Australian businesses.
Harcor Bag Supplies began operations in 1969 with an approach from a single client who required solutions to reduce theft from shipping containers.
Some 45 years later, Harcor has built a reputation in Australia and abroad as the leading supplier of “Tamper Visible” security products. Through experience came growth, which was harnessed to develop competencies into new markets, via a collaborative approach with customers that has seen Harcor develop capabilities across many product & technology platforms, including:
Security Seals – Bag Supplies – Anti-Counterfeit Protection – Moulded Plastics
We take pride in having built long-term relationships with Government Agencies & Departments and Australia’s largest security, retail, financial services, mining, and logistics corporations.
Harcor Bag Supplies is represented in every state of Australia with a team dedicated to providing the best possible attention and service. Our employees have many years of experience in the industries they serve, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none.

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