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by Marcus

The team at Halo Thermal Imaging had a vision so revolutionary that technology had to catch up. Pioneers in thermal imaging, we’re infinitely one-step ahead. Forever innovative. Our tech ensures the safety and protection of people everywhere, in all walks of life.
You could even say that it’s hard to live without.
For industries that depend on proficient, practical safety, Halo delivers. With our industry game-changer, The Halo, at the fore, there’s no better time than now to be one step ahead along with us.
Halo Thermal Imaging people
Halo’s growing team has been formed from leaders and industry experts who have the vision and passion to make Halo a global leader in thermal imaging products.
We invest in engineering, research, customer support and great design.
Great British design & engineering
Powered by a powerful Thermal Core, we’re dedicated to making state of the art thermal imaging products that you won’t find anywhere else.
Our signature product, The Halo, is a game-changer, the first ever hands-free thermal imaging camera which can be mounted on multiple manufactuers fire helmets. And the SoloTI is the only full-face fire helmet in the world.

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