Hale Products

by Marcus

For more than 100 years, Hale Products has remained committed to reliability, innovation and superior performance.
In 1914, Hale Products was founded by three firefighters who wanted to create a better fire pump. By embracing new technologies and a commitment to their fellow fire and rescue personnel, they succeeded.
Today, Hale Products produces far more than fire pumps, and we have never lost our commitment to unmatched quality and superior performance. Having grown through new product innovation and strategic acquisitions to offer firefighting modules, engine controls and governors, valves, pressure gauges, ES-Key multiplexing systems, and a wide range of engine-driven portables.
With all our products 100% assembled in the United States, we are a proud partner for fire and rescue crews around the world.
In 1914, most fire departments relied on steam-powered water pumps to combat fires. Three Pennsylvania firefighters – Alan C. Hale, E.J. Wendell and C.H. Young, Jr. – believed they could make a better fire pump, and they formed Hale Fire Pump, known today as Hale Products. They built the first Hale fire pump using improved gasoline engine technology, and christened the new pump the Young Giant. During the next century, Hale Products would continue to be a leader in reliability, performance and innovation.

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