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HAIX Florian Pro

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HAIX Florian Pro

HAIX Florian Pro supplied by Haix Group

The HAIX Florian Pro is a robust and flexible slip-on boot which is an essential piece of equipment for fire fighters who find themselves in risky situations. It is waterproof and resistant against oil and petrol as well as boasting an anti-slip and puncture-resistant sole. This is a highly breathable boot which is guaranteed to keep your feet feeling fresh and comfortable, even when you are exerting yourself to the full. HAIX’s patented shock-absorption system cushions your steps and reduces pressure on the spine and joints.

A special Ankle Flex System ensures that the Florian Pro is a perfect individual fit for your feet. This provides the same secure grip as in a lace-up, with the added advantage of being able to slip into your boots and be ready for action immediately in circumstances where every second counts. Although the boot is manufactured in solid leather, bend zones integrated into the back ensure freedom of movement, such as when you need to kneel down.

Outstanding protection when working inside buildings

Fire fighters are in the business of keeping other people safe. In return for this, HAIX boots provide them with the protection they need. The Florian Pro is antistatic. It also fulfils the requirement of the F2A/HI3 standard, meaning it is able to withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees for as long as 40 minutes. This makes it the ideal option for deployment in closed spaces such as buildings and vehicles.

The sole of the Florian Pro features a deep tread as well as being puncture resistant. This prevents any possibility of injury when carrying our rescues on stony or uneven ground. An extra wide padded toe cap also minimises the risk from falling objects. A rubber cap installed over the tip of the boot protects the leather from wear and tear.

Climate comfort throughout the year

The HAIX Florian Pro has been specially designed for use in any weather conditions and insulates against both the heat and the cold. Although totally watertight, it is also highly breathable. A fast-drying fleece insole and inlay inside the boot absorb moisture to keep your feet feeling pleasantly fresh, even after hours of wear. The HAIX Climate System uses the pumping movements generated as you walk along to transport sweat and residual warmth to special openings at the shaft of the boot for expulsion. Special pigments in the leather reflect the sunlight. This means that less warmth is transported to your feet. Such a high degree of climate comfort makes the Florian Pro the perfect fire brigade boot and an essential item of equipment the whole year round.

Upper material

The HAIX Florian Pro is manufactured in high quality black bull leather, which has been hydrophobised and thus rendered water repellent.
Special pigments prevent any overheating caused by the sun’s rays.
An abrasion-resistant rubber cap protects both the feet and toes and makes the boot extremely durable.
The sides of the Florian Pro have reflective strips to ensure that you can be easily seen by other persons at the rescue scene and pull-on straps to help you to slip into your boots as quickly as possible.

Lining, inlays, footbed

A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane prevents water penetration. This material is also highly breathable and thus effectively combats sweating.
A fleece insole and a special inlay inside the footbed absorb moisture to keep your feet dry. The anatomically formed inlay is removable and can also be washed if required.
Stretchable insets ensure a snug fit, whilst a flexible ankle area means that you will have no problem in kneeling down.
A protective toe cap minimises the risk of injury from falling objects.


The black sole of the Florian Pro has a robust tread and is extremely slip resistant. It will provide you with a firm foothold on wet and slippery terrain.
The sole is also puncture resistant and will protect your feet against any potential injury from sharp objects underfoot.
Light PU foam integrated across the whole of the sole area offers effective insulation against the heat and cold. It also cushions your steps as you go and reduces the strain on your feet and joints.
In addition, the sole of the Florian Pro is resistant against oil and petrol.
Because it is also colour fast, it will leave no ugly marks on light-coloured surfaces.

The HAIX Florian Pro is a high boot which has been specially created for fire brigade use. It can be put on in seconds and provides fire fighters with all the protection they need. It is completely waterproof and puncture resistant as well as offering superb anti-slip properties. Discover for yourself just how fresh your feet will stay, even when performing the most strenuous of activities.

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HAIX Florian Pro supplied by Haix Group

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