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HAIX Fireman Yellow

by Marcus
HAIX Fireman Yellow

HAIX Fireman Yellow supplied by Haix Group

The Haix Fireman Yellow firefighter boot that is idea for first-time users that cushions your steps provides a firm fit and good protective function.

Features of HAIX Fireman Yellow Fire Boots

  • Complies with the fire brigade boot standard F2A, HI3 (250 degrees for 40 minutes)
  • Padded, wide toe cap
  • Puncture-resistant sole
  • Waterproof leather
  • Very quick and easy to put on – vital when called out on a job
  • Highly slip-resistant, colour fast sole
  • Patented shock absorption system to minimise pressure on the feet and joints
  • High degree of external insulation against the heat and cold
  • Continues to comply with the standard even after orthopaedic adjustment

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HAIX Fireman Yellow supplied by Haix Group

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