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by Marcus

H2O SCIENCE is developing and producing environmental friendly firefighting solutions, based on new developments within water mist technology.
Our key people have many years of experience, gained by working within the water mist technology sector.
By using know how from both our R & D and commercial side, we have developed efficient fire fighting systems, both for portable and fixed installation use.
We strive to make our systems as efficient as possible, while keeping the user friendliness and low environmental impact in mind.
H20 Science wants to be the preferred supplier/partner for companies and organizations to whom high level of reliability, safety, quality and environmental friendly firefighting solutions, are highly valued.
Fire Fighting in any kind of terrain
The ATV100A system is a result of customisation of the MU100T compact water mist/CAFS unit.
This system is extremely mobile e.g. in the narrow streets of old city centers and has an extinguishing capacity big enough to extinguish several car fires.
The MU100T unit is developed for carrying in various types of vehicles but with a customer’s need of maximum mobility the system was modified to fit on to an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). This unit can be fitted on any brand of ATV.

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