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Granada City Fire Brigade opt for Bristol PPE

by Marcus
Granada City Fire Brigade opt for Bristol PPE

Granada City Fire Brigade opt for Bristol PPE

Bristol Uniforms, a leading designer and manufacturer of protective clothing for emergency services across the globe, and its International Distributor, Total Safety Clean, have secured a large contract with Granada City Fire Brigade.

Granada City Fire Brigade in southern Spain is responsible for protecting the citizens of Granada. They have ordered 200 sets of Bristol’s lightweight and ergonomic XFlex structural firefighting kit, with a TITAN1260 outer layer, a Gore® Crosstech® Fireblocker moisture barrier and an Eco-Dry Active thermal barrier.

TITAN1260 in particular, has recently been introduced to the Spanish market. It is manufactured by Hainsworth and has been specially developed to minimise the risk of heat stress to firefighters.

Heat stress is a life threatening condition, and is the number-one cause of firefighter casualties. It increases muscular fatigue and interferes with cognitive function, causing a serious loss of balance and co-ordination, which can result in slips and falls. The healthy human body maintains its internal temperature at around 37°C, but a rise of just 1°C to 38°C is enough to cause significant harm and disorientation. Heat stress also increases cardiovascular strain, in some cases leading to cardiac arrest and death.

TITAN1260 has a smooth surface which allows excellent air circulation, enhancing breathability. It also uses specially selected yarns to optimise strength without sacrificing comfort.

In addition, Granada City Fire Brigade has added extra features to their new kit, including an integrated safety harness, which is incorporated into the trouser and is accessed through openings in the lower part of the coat.

Paco Griso of Total Safety comments:

“Granada City approached us as they were having issues with the breathability of their current kit. Their firefighters were getting too hot, which can be extremely dangerous. The fabric combination we were able to offer, including the newly introduced TITAN1260, meant that these breathability issues were resolved. In addition, Bristol’s XFlex design, with its innovative sports styling, appealed because it allowed maximum manoeuvrability – very important for firefighters who continuously undertake varied and physical activities.”

Richard Cranham, International Sales manager at Bristol Uniforms said:

“TITAN1260 is new to the Spanish market. Used in combination with the right moisture barrier and lining, it can make a huge difference and help keep firefighters cool when on the job. We first started talking to Granada City last year following discussions with them at Sicur 2018. Not only will they have the latest cutting-edge kit which protects firefighters inside and out, they will also have additional features such as an integrated harness, which will add to the overall functionally of the kit.”

For further information about Granada City Fire Brigade opt for Bristol PPE or Bristol Uniforms visit: www.bristoluniforms.com.

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