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by Marcus

GORE® CROSSTECH® Black Moisture Barrier


Just because most moisture barriers used in the United States meet the minimum performance requirements specified in NFPA 1971, they don’t all perform equally. And your moisture barrier has more impact on the breathability of your turnout gear than any combination of outer shell and thermal liner. Engineered to provide long-lasting protection and breathability, GORE® CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier does not lose its high breathability even after exposure to high heat, and its outstanding durability helps you comply with the NFPA 1851 Standard.

Most breathable moisture barrier in conventional gear

Based on barrier technology available in our durable military fabrics, GORE® CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier maintains the highest level of breathability available in traditional turnout gear as proven in a recent third-party human trial.

Excellent thermal stability

In independent tests at North Carolina State University’s Textile Protection and Comfort Center, GORE® CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier has been proven to withstand high heat exposure equal to flashover conditions and still deliver excellent breathability and reliable waterproofness.

Durable protection beyond NFPA standards

The breathability and protection of your turnout gear should be the same after you have worn it as when it was new. Unlike some competitive barriers that degrade after exposure, testing has shown that GORE® CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier maintains the same high breathability in the lab and in the field. This durable performance is backed by a five-year warranty to help your department comply with the NFPA 1851 standard.

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