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by Marcus

GORE® CROSSTECH® S/R fabric offers unbeatable breathability and thermal protection

First used by high-profile federal and state technical rescue teams, search and rescue gear was defined as a category in 2001. Now, this class of gear is used by extrication and heavy rescue teams across the country. Currently, more than 60% of fire department calls are medical emergencies, and structural firefighting calls account for as little as 20% of calls for some fire departments. In fact, many departments use lighter weight search and technical rescue gear as their daily response uniform, saving heavy firefighting gear specifically for structural firefighting calls.

Protection From Everyday and Extreme Hazards

Technical rescue crews face a variety of hazards. CROSSTECH® S/R Fabric provides a barrier against penetration by blood and body fluids as well as commonly encountered chemicals. * CROSSTECH S/R Fabric is currently the only barrier used in NFPA 1951 compliant gear. It also keeps the wearer dry, an important consideration for foul weather disasters. It remained waterproof even after exposure to contaminants and multiple washes.

Appropriate for Multiple Uses

CROSSTECH S/R Fabric has a proven track record for protection and comfort in technical rescue applications. In addition to using it in gear for urban search and rescue teams, technical rescue teams, and heavy rescue teams, it is also ideal for use by emergency medical service personnel, and daily response gear for firefighters in non-fire incident calls.

Lighter Weight for Greater Comfort on Long Calls

Technical rescue teams need to wear gear over extended periods of time. This means that controlling heat stress can be a real challenge. To keep teams operating at peak performance over long periods of time, core temperatures must be kept in check. CROSSTECH S/R Fabric is lightweight, flexible and breathable, allowing sweat vapor to escape. This means the wearer remains drier and cooler longer and can focus on getting the job done.

Durable Seams

Garments made with CROSSTECH S/R Fabric are seam-sealed with GORE-SEAM® tape using proprietary GORE-SEAM® Tape Sealing Machines. It’s an exclusive technology developed and supported by Gore to provide maximum protection to the people in the field.

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