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GORE® CHEMPAK® Ultra Barrier Fabric

Certified to NFPA 1994, Class 2, and NFPA 1992, suits made with GORE® CHEMPAK® ultra barrier fabrics provide long-lasting protection in missions that potentially involve blister agents, nerve agents, toxic industrial chemical, and blood-borne pathogens. Wetting down the outer textile layer of the fabric reduces your heat stress through a combination of evaporation and conductive cooling.

NFPA standards define the type of protection needed when you respond to different types of ChemBio emergencies. NFPA defines levels of protection based on whether the contaminant concentration is above or below a level immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH). We have tailored our ChemBio fabrics to provide protection in both the hot zone (contaminant concentrations above IDLH) and the warm zone (contaminant concentrations below IDHL).

As a firefighter, you may be called to respond to emergencies that involve potential exposure to toxic industrial chemicals or chemical and biological agents. Chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear (CBRN) ensembles made with GORE® CHEMPAK® fabrics provide you with a high level of protection against these dangerous contaminants. In addition, breathable suits made of GORE® CROSSTECH® fabrics provide certified protection against infectious diseases such as Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

As a first responder, you need different levels of protection, depending on the type of ChemBio emergency. Durable GORE® fabrics exceed the requirements set forth by NFPA standards, while allowing you to respond with added confidence that the suit and its seams will stay intact. These lightweight, flexible fabrics increase comfort and help reduce heat stress, which enables you to stay on scene longer and perform physically demanding activities.

We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that you have the certified protection you need from our line of GORE® CHEMPAK® and GORE® CROSSTECH® fabrics.

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