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Goliath Industrial Rail Footwear

by Greg Preston
Goliath Industrial Rail Footwear

Goliath Industrial Rail Footwear: Fire Retardant Protection

The Goliath Hades (NFSR1198) is amongst the highest specification industrial safety rail boots available, and is now available for Trials. The boot is entirely fire retardant from the thick firefighter grade leather uppers, the fire retardant stitching and laces, right down to the Injected Dual Density Rubber sole.

As the Rail Industry moves towards Fire Retardant workwear ensembles, the Hades provides a compatible footwear solution certified to the latest European Firefighter Footwear standard EN ISO 19090, and also encompasses Safety Footwear standards EN ISO 20345. The boot is suitable for heavy engineering, welding and track inspections.

Goliath’s original DDR (Dual Density Rubber) sole technology, has been approved by construction and utilities companies around the World. DDR delivers a tough rubber outsole to protect from nicks and cuts with 300°C heat resistance, and an air injected rubber mid-layer to give a cushion comfort feel when working on tracks and uneven terrain. The ‘Rubber / Rubber’ sole material combination provides the optimum protection in hazardous and hot environments. Fused together through an injection method, DDR has the strongest and most durable bond in the Industrial footwear market.

To ensure the demand for unrivalled durability is delivered, the integrated waterproof GORE-TEX® fabric is tested on the production line to withstand up to 300,000 flexes in addition to a crumple and centrifugal test. And to extend the product life as long as possible the outsole is produced from a high density abrasion resistant rubber material and the toe area is fitted with a ridged bump cap.

Hades has a quick release front zip and lace combination, so the boot can be personally adjusted to fit and zipped up or down quickly and easily, and the zip is large enough to be handled with gloves on.

To ensure the boot is fully breathable, Goliath’s leather has been specially sourced to work together with the integrated GORE-TEX® fabric as a system to keep water and moisture out, yet allow sweat vapour to escape. This is an important comfort feature for workers on long inspection shifts, or called out in bad weather and can significantly affect morale.

The Hades has the ultimate protection, safety and comfort design features to be used cost effectively by industrial rail workforces. For prices, availability and trial information please call 01274 860380 and speak to one of Goliath’s sales team or visit our website.

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