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G1 Facepiece

by Marcus
G1 Facepiece

Supplied by MSA

The G1 Facepiece was designed without electronic components, to minimize weight, reduce your stress and fatigue and improve your overall performance level. This design also means that there are no electronic components on the outside of the facepiece that may result in snag and entanglement hazards.

What’s more, by eliminating costly electronic components, the price is reduced substantially, allowing personal-issue facepieces to be a cost effective measure. As an added bonus, the facepiece is equipped with cross-contamination prevention to reduce the spread of illness when facepieces are shared. But MSA didn’t stop there. The MSA G1 SCBA is also equipped with a speaking diaphragm to increase speech clarity while off air.

The new G1 Facepiece is not only lightweight and compact with overall low profile design, it’s comfortable and built to last. Taking the preferred design features of the Ultra Elite Facepiece, including wide field of view and comfortable, robust seal geometry, we’ve taken the MSA G1 SCBA to the next level with an open port to provide low breathing resistance, both on and off air. The G1 Facepiece can help you to conserve energy for when you need it most.

42 CFR Part 84 Approvals


G1 Air Purifying Respirator – 10160485_r03


PAPR Type H Filter Cartridge 495692 – 817337_r29
Multi Gas GME/CS/CN/P100 Cartridge 10160594 – 10128785_r00
P100/OV Canister 10067469 – 10068127_r4
Riot Control P100/CN/CS Canister 10152979 – 10163361_r00

MSA Safety

G1 Facepiece supplied by MSA

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