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FS-Box Fire Simulator

by Marcus

The FS-Box is a professional-grade simulator, allowing you to create realistic fire and emergency incident scenes anywhere at anytime. The FS-Box is equipped with LED lights to simulate a variety of fire effects. Built in sound recorder and players provide sound effects. Choose from four professionally pre-recorded sound effects (crackling fire, leaking gas, leaking liquids, and an impending structural collapse) or record you own sounds using the built-in microphone.

The FS-Box master control station is the base that drives the system. Integrated electronics and built-in rechargeable batteries are housed in a high quality casing that withstands the demands of intense fire training. The master control station can be extended with “slave units”, which are connected to the master control station by cables (A slave unit is driven by the master control station and cannot therefore function on its own.) String multiple slave units together up stairs, down hallways, or throughout your training ground to create dynamic emergency incidents.

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