FPN 8000 Pump

by Marcus
FPN 8000 Pump

FPN 8000 Pump supplied by ZIEGLER

ZIEGLER Centrifugal fire pumps in modular system

The proven ZIEGLER FPN 8000 pumps are not only available in various performance sizes but depending on quantity and position they also can be provided with different delivery outlets, with automatic switching and pressure control as well as with various foam proportioning systems.

The demand for an extinguishing technology keeping the secondary water damages as small as possible will be met increasingly by sophisticated, electronic systems. The three-stage ZIEGLER high-pressure pump proven since almost 50 years and continuously developed will be switched on via an electro-magnetic coupling of the running normal pressure pump if required. Its impellers are fixed on an own pump shaft, thus they will not run along with at sole operation of the normal pressure pump.

This allows on the one hand an extremely compact design and on the other hand the wear will be reduced considerably.

All ZIEGLER pumps are prepared suitably for relatively easy retrofit with a highpressure pump. If the connection line from the normal pressure pump to the highpressure pump will be opened, the electro-magnetic coupling will be actuated simultaneously. Then, the delivery outlet to the high-pressure reel or the corresponding high-pressure outlet will be opened.

A thermal discharge line to the tank or at equipment with a pump proportioner to the outside prevents an overheating at interruption of the water delivery. Optionally, an additional warning buzzer is available.

The following operation modes are possible:

  • pure normal pressure pump operation (high-pressure pump stopped)
  • pure high-pressure operation (normal pressure pump in circulation only runs for supply of the high pressure pump)
  • combined pump operation (normal pressure and high pressure pump are running at the same time)

Pump Technology

Ziegler’s centrifugal fire pumps are high-performance, low-wear pumps with one- or two-stage design, robust, water resistant, extremely reliable and easy to maintain. The clear structure, easy-to-read control panels and automatic switching, ventilation and pressure control equipment have ensured the ease of use.

Our pumps can be updated at any time within their performance range, which means that is can easily be adapted to special conditions, e.g. foreign standards. Our centrifugal fire pumps are made of seawater-resistant and non-rusting materials and equipped with the unique Ziegler pump ventilation system TROKOMAT.

Our pumps are used as built-in pumps or portable pumps. Not only due to their exemplary ease of use, Ziegler pumps have been proven to be the best in the world.


Pump input

  • max 270 (368) kW (HP)

Pump output

  • max. l/min 10.500


  • 210kg

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • 730mmx760mmx770mm

Special accessories

on request, additionally charged:

one central suction inlet DN 250 (to water tank), alternatively 3x F DN 150 led together via collector piece, up to 8 delivery outlets size B or optionally 2 delivery outlets size A lockable by intermediate flaps, up to 2 delivery outlets to the rapid intervention lines, 1 outlet for tank filling line, up to 2 turret outlets, installation of up to 2 pump proportioners, automatic pressure governor, TROKOMAT PLUS shutoff, EAD.

FPN 8000 Pump


FPN 8000 Pump supplied by ZIEGLER

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