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FoxFury Lighting Solutions

by Marcus

FoxFury manufactures Application-Specific products, with a focus in Professional Portable LED Lighting. FoxFury’s Philosophy is to provide the Latest Technology available, packaged in the Highest Quality Products that can be made for each intended use.
FoxFury was established in 2003 in Vista, California (USA) to create a light for nighttime surfing. During the course of product development, consumers in other industries requested Application-Specific lights to fit their unique needs – panoramic lighting, extreme durability / reliability, etc.
FoxFury’s seasoned management has strategically created presence and solutions in several demanding markets. Among others, they include: Fire Fighting, Forensics, Law Enforcement, EMS/Rescue, Medical, and Filming. Click the image to the right for a brief history of the company.


Products are designed to outperform in the most demanding environments (including temperature extremes, water proof, pressure, shock, impact). Fire Fighters, Rescue Crews, Law Enforcement, Investigators, Surgeons, Inspectors, and Military have come to rely on FoxFury products with a high level of expectation.
A number of awarded Patents protect FoxFury’s Intellectual Property in North America, Europe, and Asia. FoxFury works directly with Top LED manufacturers including CREE, OSRAM and Nichia to utilize the latest technology available.
With manufacturing facilities in three continents, FoxFury is able to provide the best possible value to its clients.
The Product Development process continuously involves professional users for feedback and improvements. A total of eleven (11) distinct product Series have been successfully introduced to the marketplace. Each Series has different applications for the segments served.
Lights come in various form factors:

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