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Four Story Fire Tower

by Marcus
Four Story Fire Tower

The Four Story Fire Tower includes a two-story residential training section with an attic above, four-story training tower, and attached ground floor annex.

Four Story Fire Tower Construction

Our unique design and construction method allows for limitless spans and endless finish possibilities. This provides maximum flexibility of design for optimum training value, while simultaneously ensuring seamless aesthetics regardless of budget. Our composite delta stud panel system is like nothing else in the market for burn building design and construction.

FIREBLAST GLOBAL Four Story Fire Tower Construction Advantages:

Low Maintenance and high durability
100% non-combustible materials
Composite concrete floors and walls
Low heat transfer materials
Low sound transfer
No floor to floor smoke migration
Flexible design
High wall point load
Reduced foundation costs
Reduced super structure costs
Reduced installation time
Earthquake, blast and hurricane resistant
No restrictions on door and window placement
Building reacts like a standard commercial or residential building
Building construction style can be used for new construction, remodel of existing or damaged buildings

Four Story Fire Tower Thermal Lining System

When it comes to thermal protection FIREBLAST GLOBAL provides a superior system while also providing durability and low maintenance. Fireblast insulating panels are attached to a system of hat channels using a technique that allows for movement during rapid heating and cooling (i.e., thermal shock), which means no periodic maintenance or adjustments are required. The system design also allows for an additional insulating air space between the panels and the walls of the building. Each installation is custom engineered with a complete set of plans.


Low maintenance and high durability
Protects concrete, masonry and steel buildings
Protects buildings for gas simulators and Class A fires
No restrictions on placement of fires within rooms
Reacts like a standard drywall room
Works with thermal imaging cameras
Compatible with new construction, existing or damaged buildings
No “drying out” period required between uses
Asbestos free, calcium silicate product
Does not support mold growth and is water resistive
20 year proven track record of performance

Four Story Fire Tower Building Options

Providing the widest variety of model options allows Fireblast Global to provide the only turn key solution available to emergency services today.

Class A Burn Props

Class “A” fires are included as standard with every lined burn room  in a training tower or building. They provide economical and realistic training conditions. Fireblast’s Dual-Fuel Class “A” training props eliminate the nuisance of re-igniting wet Class “A” materials, while gas props can be utilized in all burn rooms or in combination with some Class “A” rooms in the same building for maximum versatility.
Gas Fired Props

The FIREBLAST GLOBAL solution to live fire training consists of design and integration of next generation technology, coupled with the most advanced, premium safety systems, software development package and data tracking available, to deliver the safest and most realistic live fire training environment available.

Hazmat & Non-Burn Props

Fireblast’s line of hazmat and non-burn props can enhance any training center without adding major cost. Hazmat examples include leaking drums, cylinders, hydrous ammonia, chlorine, gasoline, diesel, dry storage, and more. Leaking gas meters and pipe racks are also available. These props utilize water and/or compressed air to provide safe and effective training without risk to students, instructors, or the environment. Other props, such as Electrical Panel Simulators and Annunciator Panels further enhance training opportunities.
Forcible Entry Doors

FIREBLAST GLOBAL has designed the perfect complement to any Fire Training Center.  A variety of forcible entry doors and windows,  that will maximize the training at your facility.  Our forcible entry equipment is designed to fit not only in new facilities, but to existing fire training centers as well.

Wall Breach Prop

Fireblast’s wall breach prop can be added into a wall panel maze area or other location to create “get out alive” drills where real drywall needs to be breached in order to escape. 2×4 slots also allow for practice cutting as desired.

Exterior Staircase

Expandable-3-StoryWhile interior staircases are standard, exterior staircases can add agility and physical fitness training, while also simulating the multi-level fire escapes found in multi-family dwellings. They also provide safe egress and convenience for instructors and students alike.

Elevator Shaft

An elevator shaft can add a unique and challenging training scenario to any burn building.

Pitched Roof Ventilation Props

These props add ventilation and rescue training elements to any building

Rappel Anchors

Structurally engineered rappel anchors are available for tower or multi-story burn buildings to allow for practice rappelling and picking victims off from windows at multiple levels.

Four Story Fire Tower Additional Options

Ceiling Breach
Confined Space Simulator
Man Holes
Denver Drill
Roof Hatches
Caged Ladders
Vertical Ladders
Ships Ladders
Marine and Quick-Acting Water Tight Doors (QAWTD)
Custom Balconies
Movable Wall System
Smoke Systems
Ventilation / Exhaust Fans
Temperature Monitoring Systems
Stand Pipes
Sprinkler Systems
Custom options are also available to suit your unique training needs

Fire Tower Design Services

FIREBLAST GLOBAL knows that owners and facility operators don’t just purchase training equipment, but rather, they desire full training solutions. Fireblast’s Design Services Group offers pre construction solutions.  With our comprehensive expertise, the Design Services Group is able to provide complete training solutions for our customers.

As a member of your agency’s design team, we are committed to the establishment of a partnership with your architect and engineer in providing valuable input through all phases of each project. While a training center is being completed, FIREBLAST GLOBAL can assist in the development of curriculum. Once complete, we offer instructor  development and train-the-trainer programs that go  beyond basic operation and maintenance training, thereby providing a truly comprehensive solution.

Our focus on each project is ensuring owner objectives are met and maximum training value is realized in all facilities.

Design Services Responsibilities

Design and Engineering
Project Management

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