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Forcible Entry Trainer

by Marcus
Forcible Entry Trainer

The Forcible Entry Trainer supplies real time forcible entry training with the ability to cut, pry, force, and manipulate access through a variety of window and door props.

From the most challenging entrance points found during emergency response, the Forcible Entry Trainer will provide the training on materials rarely found in the largest of training centers.

The replaceable breech points assure that each responder has the ability to utilize advanced skills for entry without the rebuilding on the training prop. With a variety of seven types of door and window props, this unit exceeds every Fire and Law Enforcement training officers needs.

All forcible entry training props are available as portable stand alone structures.

Entry Trainer Equipment:

DOT compliant chassis
Tandem axle trailer
Working safety platforms
Inward swinging forcible door
Outward swinging forcible door
Steel curtain door breech
Sliding slat door breech
Glass store front door
Scissor gate breech
Security screen door breech
Security window bars breech

The Entry Trainer can be used for the follosing training senarios:

Forcible Door
Forcible Entry Trainer
Forcible Entry Training
Forcible Entry Trainer
Forcible Rollup Door
Forcible Roll Up Door
Forcible Security Door
Forcible Window Bars
Glass Store Front
Hinge Cutting

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