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Fomtec is GreenScreen® Certified

by Marcus
Fomtec is GreenScreen Certified

Fomtec is GreenScreen® Certified

Sustainability is an important part of Dafo Fomtec’s work. As a step forward Fomtec are happy to announce that the following products are now GreenScreen certified:

Fomtec is GreenScreen Certified

GreenScreen Certified™ for Firefighting Foam

The world’s first ecolabel to confirm fluorine-free* firefighting foam products

Clean Production Action worked with a technical review team of scientists, firefighting foam researchers, and governments to ensure the Standard is protective, achievable and supports purchasers to choose foam products that are safer and better for the environment.

*PFAS-free is defined as zero intentionally added PFAS to the product and PFAS contamination in the product must be less than 0.0001 percent by weight of the product (1 part per million) total organic fluorine as measured by combustion ion chromatography.

Fomtec is GreenScreen Certified

About GreenScreen®

GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is a method of comparative Chemical Hazard Assessment (CHA) that can be used for identifying chemicals of high concern and safer alternatives. GreenScreen was developed by and is a project of Clean Production Action.

Clean Production Action is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. CPA’s tax id is 45-3560728.

For more information visit https://www.fomtec.com

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