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Fomtec International Foam School 2024

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Fomtec International Foam School 2024

Fomtec International Foam School 2024

In the continually evolving field of fire safety, Fomtec, a leading foam solutions provider, is driving innovation, not just in products but also in knowledge, sharing, and education. With its International Foam School, Fomtec establishes a new standard.

The International Foam School program marks a crucial step towards collective progress in the industry, emphasising Fomtec’s commitment to providing professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to address the future of fire safety. Fomtec firmly believes in a data-driven approach to firefighting foam and designing fire suppression systems; the Fomtec International Foam School is the result of this belief.

Fomtec International Foam School 2024

The Fomtec International Foam School is 3 day focused learning event dedicated to helping students achieve a data-driven understanding of foam and its related systems. An in-depth comprehension of foams, the guiding standards for system design, and the various applications of foam systems is essential for effective data use.

The Fomtec International Foam School immerses students in the latest data, with SFFF being the primary product demonstrated across their calculation examples.

The main goal of The Fomtec International Foam School is comprehensive education.

Fomtec CEO John Ottesen remarked,

“We’re aware there’s a vast amount of information to grasp. While we don’t expect students to remember everything immediately, we aim to equip them with the tools to facilitate continuous learning. Through our programme, they learn to execute relevant calculations and are pointed towards pivotal resources like NFPA standards to navigate further.

The Fomtec International Foam School aims to provide comprehensive training in a relatively short period—three days, to be precise. While this is undoubtedly a brief duration, our role is to guide students in the right direction. We conduct in-depth presentations, work alongside students through each application, and engage in hands-on calculations to ensure they grasp the core concepts.

Although one doesn’t master everything immediately, it’s the consistent revisitation of materials, particularly the manual and industry standards, that fosters deepened understanding and something we hope our students will adopt”.

To assist all students Fomtec have produced a 500-page manual which delves deep into topics ranging from foam concentrates, hardware, and design standards to pertinent applications, inclusive of calculation examples and design data. The Fomtec International Foam School curriculum is structured around this manual, which we’ve aptly named “The Foam Manual.”

Fomtec International Foam School 2024

The manual is a substantial binder. Inside, there are chapters dedicated to foam concentrate and hardware. It delves into specific applications, offering readers clear guidance. For instance, if a student wishes to design a sprinkler system, they’ll find a step-by-step guide on the process and references to the relevant standards to make their design appropriate and effective.

The Fomtec International Foam School is not simply about experimenting with foam in a simulated environment. It’s centred on imparting knowledge on designing real-world foam systems, both portable and fixed, strictly based on established design standards. Our curriculum offers a holistic exploration of firefighting with foam. It begins with an introduction to foam concentrates, covering their varied properties, delving into environmental considerations, discussing PFAS transition topics, and explaining system design standards.

This course goes into detailed examinations of all primary applications, incorporating design exercises and culminating in an examination to reinforce the learning and understanding.

We aspire for students to leave The Fomtec International Foam School proficient in using The Foam Manual and having a clear understanding on industry standards to execute impeccable system designs.

If you would like to receive further details on the 2025 Fomtec Foam School Curriculum, please contact Fomtec – info@fomtec.com or visit their website, www.fomtec.com.

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