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Folding Fire Training Tower for UK Fire Service

by Marcus
Folding Fire Training Tower

Folding Fire Training Tower for UK Fire Service Saughall Massie

A first of its kind for Crofton Engineering is the new hydraulic folding fire training tower designed, fabricated and installed at Merseyside Fire and Rescue’s new Saughall Massie fire station in the Wirral.

Built on a green belt site, the new fire station only received planning permission with stringent conditions. As a result, it was not possible to build a permanent training tower as it would be too high.

Crofton worked with Cambridge Hydraulics, Wates Construction and Merseyside Fire and Rescue to develop a workable alternative. The company adapted the design of its standard FT-66 four-storey training tower, splitting it into two pieces, with the hinged upper section put up and down using a hydraulic ram.

The new tower provides all the features of a standard FT-66 training tower. Erected as required for training, it spends most of its time in the down position.

For more information on Folding Fire Training Tower at UK Fire Service Saughall Massie visit Crofton Engineering

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