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FlowPod 3000

by Marcus
FlowPod 3000

Supplied by Delta Fire

The FlowPod 3000 is designed for in-line use and provides accurate and reliable water flow and volume measurements where and when you need them. This compact unit can be connected directly to a low pressure outlet on a pump or between two lengths of hose – simply connect, switch on and measure.

The full bore sensor has no mechanical parts and does not interfere with the flow of water. A model is available with a pressure transducer that will accurately measure pressures if desired. All models have a large LCD readout which is easy to view from a distance and weigh in at just 7.7 kilos including the battery pack and adaptors. The integral carrying handle contributes to the overall ease of use.

There are principally three variants of the FlowPod 3000 available – the FlowPod 3000 standard flow meter, the FlowPod 3000 flow meter with data logging facility and the FlowPod 3000 flow meter with data logger and pressure facility.FlowPod 3000 connected to a hydrant standpipe

The main applications for the FlowPod is for the monitoring of flow rates into sensitive equipment, establishing correct flow rates for foam induction, measuring the volume of delivered water onto a ship or for environmental reporting, flow testing of hydrants, pumps and fire fighting equipment.

The FlowPod 3000 with data logger allows the user to create flow and volume reports quickly from the data stored in the integral data logger using the powerful graphical software.

Measuring in at only 340mm long x 155mm wide and 320mm high this compact unit is easily stored and transported. A dedicated mounting bracket is available for secure storage on the fire appliance which can be bolted on in any available space.Appliance Mounting Bracket  The bracket has a male instantaneous adapter at the base for quick release allowing the meter to ‘plug in’ and ‘plug out’ as required. An adjustable strap is provided at the top of the bracket to ensure stability in transit

Power is provided by a NiMH internal battery pack running DC12v @250mA. Finished in ‘fireman red’ the anodised aluminium construction can withstand heat ranges from -10° to +50°C and is very durable and hard wearing thanks to a corrosion resistant casing. With a flow range of 30 to 3,000 litres per minute and a pressure rating of 49 bar the FlowPod3000 is a popular choice in many sectors

Delta Fire’s range of water deliver equipment is manufactured to exacting standards and the technically advanced range of Flowmaster Test Instruments are no exception. These specialised units are now in service with a large number of staff from a wide range of industries around the world and are a valuable addition to Delta’s Water Delivery range.

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FlowPod 3000 supplied by Delta Fire

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