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Flowmatic Automatic Nozzles

by Marcus

Flowmatic Automatic Nozzles from LEADER

Discover the new generation LEADER nozzles designed in FiberTech® composite material!

FiberTech® composite strengths are many compared with brass and aluminium: – Far lighter than brass and lighter than aluminium alloy.

Equal in terms of mechanical strength and durability to aluminium alloy, – Stronger resistance to corrosion compared to aluminium alloy and brass, in saline environments in use with foam concentrates.

Equal to aluminium alloy for resistance to chemicals, – Thermal resistance: No deformation of the mass at high temperatures (unlike aluminium), – Thermal insulation:

The material naturally insulates the user from the cold, – Electrical insulation: Better protection for the nozzle operator. LEADER nozzles have been specifically designed to ensure SAFETY, RELIABILITY and ROBUSTNESS.

Recognized as a leader in the development of rugged innovative fire fighting equipment, the R&D team from LEADER have developped the LEADER nozzle range which combines design, technicity, ergonomy and performance.

For more information visit www.leader-group.eu

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