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FLIR KF6 Fire Truck Thermal Imaging Camera

by Greg Preston
FLIR KF6 Fire Truck Thermal Imaging Camera

KF6 Fire Truck Thermal Imaging Camera Supplied by FLIR Systems

The FLIR KF6 Fire Truck Thermal Imaging Camera is part of the range of Truck-Mounted Thermal Imaging Cameras for Aerial Firefighting Applications. FLIR’s new KF6 is the industry’s first thermal imager designed and built specifically for aerial apparatus applications. Mountable at the end of a straight stick and onto a ladder bucket, the KF6 provides firefighters a high-angle thermal view of rooftops and other elevated structures, helping them see through thick smoke, more efficiently target the hottest areas, and more strategically direct firefighting efforts.

Aerial Mounting Flexibility
The KF6 can be easily fixed-mounted to aerial buckets and the end of tiller truck ladders, as well as onto other locations on engine, ladder, and rescue trucks where thermal imaging is valuable.

  • Securely mounts to straight sticks and platforms with four simple bolts
  • Can be mounted atop or on underside of buckets
  • Single MIL-C cable connector for power in/video out

Highest Firefighting Thermal Resolution
Along with providing a valuable, additional high elevation perspective to firefighters, the KF6 delivers the most detailed thermal imaging in a FLIR firefighting TIC.

  • 640 × 480 pixel IR resolution with 69° FOV for extra clarity, sensitivity, and visibility
  • FSX™ enhanced thermal images provide fine structural detail for easier orientation
  • Video signal transmits to turntable-based display, platform LCD, or in-truck monitor

CDMQ Ruggedized
FLIR built the KF6 to meet our Commercially Developed Military Qualified standards, ready to withstand the harsh operating conditions of firefighting with the all-important camera core well-protected from exposure to heavy smoke and spray.

  • Rugged housing meets MIL-STD-810G
  • IP67 rated and IEC shock, vibration and humidity tested
  • 13-pin MIL-C 38999 10-32 VDC/composite video connector

FLIR KF6 Fire Truck Thermal Imaging Camera supplied by FLIR Systems

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