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Telephone: +44 (0) 1332 341 030   Email: Click to email    Website: Click to visit website

Head Office: Unicorn House, Broad Lane, Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire, HU15 2TS, United Kingdom

FlamePro’s life-saving garments are essential kit for firefighters around the world.

FlamePro understand what it means to be responsible for the lives of your firefighters, and the people they protect. We’re on your side. Committed to spearheading new technologies, FlamePro is guaranteed to go the extra mile for you. A quick browse of the internet is all it takes to find images of firefighters portrayed as superheroes. This has us a bit worried.

If we forget that the people in the suits, carrying the hoses and driving the trucks, are actually people, we run the risk of forgetting just how vulnerable and brave they actually are. Our mission is to make firefighters’ jobs safer and easier, the world over. We know there is more to a suit than how much it can protect from heat. It needs to be light, it needs to be well fitting, it needs intelligent pocket placement and quick escape options. That’s why we work closely with every customer to make sure they’re getting the best option for every situation. Every firefighter is important, every firefighter is different, and to us, it’s firefighters that matter most.

Full-Service firefighting range

We offer head to toe solutions for firefighters on the job and in the station.

Reputation for quality

We’re certified to ISO 9001:2008 and produce quality garments crafted to high standards with exceptional materials.

6-8 week lead time

FlamePro keep stock of our most popular products for, often, next day delivery. We also have an industry leading lead time of between 6-8 weeks on construction orders.

Flexible Manufacturing

The company has developed strong relationships with manufacturers and designers alike. We want to create garments to meet firefighters’ needs.

Available worldwide

Based in the UK, FlamePro provide firefighting clothing and accessories to firefighters across the globe.

FlamePro logo 2020

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1332 341 030   Email: Click to email    Website: Click to visit website

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