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First Truly Global MSA SCBA – the G1

by Marcus
First Truly Global MSA SCBA

The G1 SCBA system represents the first time MSA has developed one top-of-the-line SCBA to meet and exceed all high-level international quality and safety standards such as NFPA (North America) and EN (Europe) making it the First Truly Global MSA SCBA. The NFPA approved version of the G1 is already extremely polpular with the North American fire service organisations.

First Truly Global MSA SCBA – The G1 fire service SCBA was designed to integrate all modern SCBA features into a compact and easy-to-operate system. The single power supply drives alarm system and user interface, telemetry radio module, head-up-display (HUD) and voice amplifier, which maximizes the system reliability. The intuitive control module provides full benefit without distraction by always displaying exclusive information which is relevant in the given situation.

The G1 full face mask excels in outstanding wearing comfort, low profile and low effort in maintenance. In stand-by, the open port technology offers unrestricted breathing. No electronic components reside on the mask to reduce the overall investment.

All G1 versions include swivelling and adjustable hip belt, electronic control unit, telemetry module, lung governed demand valve and buddy breather second connection. Optional features like HUD, voice projection speaker, alphaCLICK high pressure quick connect and QuickFill connection complete the streamlined system.

The MSA G1 is the system of choice whenever and wherever firefighting demands the very best in respiratory protection equipment. For further information please contact your local MSA affiliate or visit MSAsafety.com.

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