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FirePro HERO Manual Units:

FirePro’s HERO series is an emergency fire suppression tool used to fight raging and/or hard-to-get-to fires. It’s a unique firefighting tool used to manage various fire scenarios within enclosed spaces. These Manual Units are used by trained first responders and other emergency personnel including firefighters, safety officers, the police and paramedic teams. FirePro HERO is currently an integral tactical tool used in modern firefighting strategies.

A First Response Fire Fighting Unit:

Firefighters are major protagonists in public safety since they face some of the biggest occupational hazards around in order to protect us. Beyond the limitations of their own equipment, firefighters are also forced to negotiate long distances and walk through challenging structures when called upon to extinguish a life-threatening fire. The fact that FirePro HERO can get close to the source of the fire without endangering lives gives it an edge over traditional firefighting technologies.

Deployment & Usage:

HERO buys the critical time necessary to prepare for full scale firefighting operations.

HERO helps create a path to the source of fire to fight it more effectively

HERO ultimately helps to save time, lives and property.

Product Coverage: Coverage depends on the specific characteristics of the fire scenario. That, and product specifications must be taken into consideration when determining the number or size of HERO manual units to be used.

How it Works: FirePro technology is effective and efficient. It extinguishes fire by inhibiting the chemical chain reactions on a molecular level, without depleting oxygen.

Green Tech: As with all FirePro Units, the FPC condensed aerosol producing compound in HERO is friendly to the environment.

HERO Hard Case: The splash-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof FirePro HERO Case can carry up to two HERO units.

Operational Warning: This product is designed for Trained Emergency Responders only. Product must be handled by professionals or trained individuals as the discharged aerosol is of elevated temperature and thus must be handled with care. Good firefighting practices should be applied under all circumstances.

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Telephone: +357 2537 9999   Email: Click to email  Website: Click to visit website

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