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by Marcus

With FIREMIKS® dosing is flow-proportional and effectively working regardless of pressure variations up to 12 bar. You have the freedom to use several nozzles or sprinkler heads of different types, at different heights and open/close them independently of each other. FIREMIKS® gives you the power to concentrate on fire fighting, instead of spending energy on controlling the dosing unit.
The FIREMIKS® system is based on modules. We fabricate mainly from standard material, which enables us to easily customize the unit to our customer’s requests. You may freely choose the water motor and pump connection types and dimension that suits your purpose. Also choose the admixture rate and the type you require; Basic, Fixed, Mobile or Demountable.
The FIREMIKS® system is very compact, flexible and easy to use and install, without the need of expensive and complicated control devices. Just open the water flow and the FIREMIKS® will immediately produce a foam solution with correct admixture. FIREMIKS® is also suitable for all common fire-fighting liquids, including the AR-types.
Originally founded in 1979 – as a Swedish family based business – Firemiks AB is operated by the third generation.
Throughout the years, our main focus has been to develop, manufacture and distribute our product line of water motor driven proportioning systems worldwide.
Our work method is to produce with flexibility, offering the opportunity to customize the product to the individual preferences of our clients.
With more than 30 years of experience in the international firefighting market.

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