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Fireground Fitness Test

by Marcus

Fireground Fitness Test: Think you’re firefighter fit?

Our comms officer Amy takes on the fireground fitness test. She thought she would be fit enough….. We want to highlight the importance of training and fitness when applying to be a West Yorkshire firefighter.

Amy now knows what she needs to work on if she’s going to get firefighter fit! Don’t underestimate the importance of grip strength! ALL TO BE DONE IN 11 MINUTES 11 SECONDS To find out about Awareness sessions in your area visit www.joinwyfirefighters.com

Fitness test includes: 25kg bar carry Pick up BA set (breathing apparatus) put it on back Drag hosereel 25meters place branch on floor Jog back to pump, then drag hose reel ‘bight’ 25m Return ‘branch’ to the pump Drag 55kg casualty 50m (two lengths) Remove BA set Jog 200m (8 lengths) Carry 2 lengths of hose 3 length place one on ground and carry the second another 25m Roll out first hose 25m then roll out 2nd hose 25m Jog 50m (2 lengths) Carry 2 lengths hose place one down and carry the second 25m Jog 200m (8 lengths)

Video from the West Yorkshire Fire Rescue Service that serves two million people across the metropolitan districts of Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield in the UK.

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