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Firefighting Tankers to Malaga

by Marcus
Firefighting Tankers to Malaga, Spain

ZIEGLER delivers a total of 9 TLF 20/20 Tankers to Malaga

ZIEGLER Group delivered the first six of a total of nine TLF to Malaga, Spain. Together with its local ZIEGLER partner, Flomeyca,the vehicles will be officially handed over on July 13th, 2021.

ZIEGLER has also received another order for 7TLF 20/20to the City of Madrid.These vehicles will be delivered in mid-2022.A technical description of the vehicles can be found on the following page.

Firefighting Tankers to Malaga

Basic Information

  • Type: TLF 20/20
  • Customer: Malaga City
  • Chassis Type: B Atego 1527 F 4×2 / 3310
  • Wheelbase: 3,310 mm
  • Engine Power: 200 kW / 272HP
  • Total weight :15,000 kg
  • Water tank: 1,800 l
  • Pump: ZIEGLER FPN 10-2000-1HH
  • Vehicle dimensions: 6,170 x 2,358 x 3,100 mm
  • Cabin / CrewZ-Cab XL / crew1+5

Other Special Equipment

  • Z-Vision
  • Z-Control
  • Top Integro
  • Reverse Video System

For more information visit https://www.ziegler.de

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